Domestic Workers to return to work on 01 June 2020.

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It is return time to work – 01 June 2020

Trade and Industry Minister Ebrahim Patel announced return of Domestic Workers on 01 June 2020

“They are able to return to work, subject to the health protocols being followed. Even as they return, it’s vital it’s done in circumstances where it can be done safely,” he said.


It is a very broad statement since many Domestic Workers do not work with one Employer.

How sustainable are the efforts of Employer to create a safe environment and what are the risks for the Domestic Worker where he/she is exposed to so many other conditions?


Domestic Workers travel daily amongst many other people and Employers who have returned to work, also engage with many other people at work.

The risk factors are extremely high in the Domestic Worker Industry for both Domestic Workers and Employers.


Yesdomestic provides some guidelines as published by the International Domestic Workers Federation

Many Domestic Workers do not work with only one Employer during a week – sometimes as many as 5 different Employers – extra caution called for

Employers and their Domestic Workers have to carefully consider health and safety procedures in order to limit the possibility of infection


success of prevention is in how both parties can do it TOGETHER

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