To assist you as a business owner to understand and apply for the various COVID19 related relief initiatives, we will be collating and updating the relevant information and documentation for each initiative. We have also set-up support teams to assist in providing additional support should you require.

TERS vs UIF Assistance

We have compiled a flowchart explaining the difference between the TERS and UIF process, along with the updated documentation and guidelines in order to submit your respective claims. If you need an Authorised Service Provider to apply on your behalf or to convert your Spreadsheet to CSV format at preferential rates, you can complete and submit the support form.

Notice for Compensation of Occupational-Acquired Virus Disease

The Notice for compensation of occupationally-acquired novel Corona virus disease (COVID-19) came into effect on the publication date of Gazette no. 43126.

Occupationally-acquired COVID-19 is a disease contracted by an employee as defined in the COID Act arising out of and in the course of his or her employment as well as after official trips to high-risk countries or areas in a previously COVID-19-free individual.

All employers and medical service providers must follow stipulated prescripts when submitting claims and supporting medical reports for COVID-19.

SETA Responses to COVID-19 and the National Lockdown

Taking into account the National Lockdown, we would like to notify and remind you of your WSP and ATR submissions that may be due to the different SETA’s during April 2020. 

We have compiled a support page with complete summaries of the SETA’s responses on the COVID-19 lockdown period. 

This includes contact details and instructions for the period and whether or not extension will be granted automatically or if one should apply for it