Impact Initiatives

Through the years we have grown as a dynamic multi-disciplined team that flourishes on collaborating and finding innovative solutions that addresses the fundamental challenges faced by our members. These include initiatives such as:

Urgent Action Team

The Urgent Action Team consists of a team of experts and standard operation procedures to assist members in the event of Unlawful & Threatening Protest Action. Businesses are experiencing more and more unlawful and threatening protest actions. These events can be very stressful for the business owner, and if handled incorrectly very costly.

SAUEO has put together a team of experts, who though years of experience has put together standard operation procedures to assist our members in case they experience any unlawful and threatening protest actions. Our Urgent Action Team will guide your through the proper steps you need to take in order to ensure you handle the situation correctly and lawfully.

Up to date, the Urgent Action Team has been extremely successful in helping members successfully deal with unlawful and threatening protest action. This has been one of our most successful initiatives yet.

The Skills Development Consortium is a consortium of skills development programmes and training specialists, brought together that both our organisers and members can continually grow, develop and stay up-to-date with latest developments in the labour and business environments.

With a fast-changing labour and economic landscape, bringing ever more challenges to businesses, it is important that business owners, their employees and our organisers are continually up-skilling themselves. The consortium develops practical solutions, combining existing platforms and initiatives, in order for businesses to effectively adapt to a rapidly evolving employment landscape.

Skills Development Consortium

Temporary Employment Services Solution

The recent changes in legislation has impacted Temporary Employment Services greatly. Together with industry experts, we have re-engineered a TES solution that addresses the challenges faced by both TES providers and business owners. Research shows that business should be able to lay of 30% of their staff at any moment in order to survive economically hard times. In fact, it has been shown that business that are able to do this, not only survive economically hard times, but even manages to grow through those times.

We believe that our TES solution will help businesses to better equip themselves for economically hard times, but still comply with the challenging labour legislation of South Africa.

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