(SA)UEO way

Whilst we strive to change with the times, so that our value proposition can remain relevant for our members, the core values
that underpin the way we do things, will always remain the same. We humbly believe it is because we have such an uncompromising approach to our principles, that the (SA)UEO has managed to stand the test of time, despite ultra-challenging times.

Officially registered with DEL in 1999, (SA)UEO has been in existence for >24 years.

A bona fide employers’ organisation with a specialist focus on labour – related matters across industries.

Current Membership of >4000 businesses across various sectors.

Commended for engineering expert solutions to new labour-related
issues as and WHEN they arise, in record time.

Dedicated task teams who ensure (SA)UEO remains at the cutting
edge of latest regulations, legislation and developments pertaining to all things labour.

Renowned for unquestionable integrity and establishing symbiotic relationships and outcomes.

National footprint via 180 organisers (advocates, attorneys and veteran IR and HR practitioners).

Offers right of appearance at the CCMA, Labour Court and a voice for collective bargaining at Bargaining Councils and business forums

Provides quintessential resources to help ensure businesses remain compliant with relevant labour laws and regulations

We place you first

As a business owner, you are the go-to person for so many whose entire livelihood depends on you, which is why we at the (SA)UEO aim to be your go-to people. For this reason, we have also become friends and confidantes of so many of our members over the years, who know they can call us or drop in at any time for a
brainstorm – or just an ‘offload’ during stressful times.

We’re here for you, always have been, always will be. Guaranteed!

We don’t take anything at face value

Without exception, before we provide any labour-related or business advice or assistance, we go through a rigorous process
with multiple industry and subject matter experts to verify all the facts at hand, to ensure you take actions and make decisions that are comprehensively informed.

We don’t break relationships, we build them

Richard Branson said it best: ‘Succeeding in business is all about connections.’

Regardless of how volatile relationships can get when the going gets tough in labour negotiations, we remain consistent in our promise to our members, which is to establish and cultivate strong relationships on your behalf, built on mutual trust and respect, and cemented by honouring that silent ‘gentleman’s code’ – to find that common ground and look after the interest of all involved, for as far as is humanly possible.


We do business on a handshake

Whilst we will always be strong advocates of proper policies, procedures and protocol, at our very core, we’re the kind of people who will move the earth and everyone on it, to fulfil a commitment we made.

You can count on the fact, that we do what we say, and we have your back. Period!

Our ultimate law, is what is right

Just because something is legal, doesn’t make it right, which is why we will never advise our members to use the law as a means to
shirk their human, fundamental responsibility to others.

Whilst we will never deviate from what is legal, our ultimate aim is to find justice, by doing what is both legal and right.